May 25, 2014

Request: Standby-Mode(l)

Hey there,

Kay used the contact-me-function on the right side of the blog to send me a message where he told me about his fantasies... and I simply couldn´t resist to make a caption out of it :3 so here you go, I hope you like the cap ;)

as always don´t forget to rate and comment and feel free to contact me like Kay did, I´m always happy when someone writes me (yay, I´m being noticed ^.^)!

Oh and by the way... I was shocked when I looked at my google+-page :o:o:o currently 1.890.886 people viewed my google+-site!!! In comparison to my blog which has currently 656201 clicks....ahhhhhhh o.o

 so...thank you sooooo much for every click ._. <3

Love, Kim