May 30, 2014

New caption availible on Tumblr

Hey there,

as I said I won´t upload captions here anymore, just wanted you to know that there is a new caption on my NEW tumlr-blog ;) Just click on the freaking huge picture right obove the posts and you will see the magic happen :3

Love, Kim

May 29, 2014

I´m moving to Tumblr!

Hey there,

if you haven´t clicked on the biiiiiig picture right above this post you should probably do it now :P This will be the last entry on blogspot, from now on I will use tumblr to post my captions! See you on the other side... :3

Love, Kim

May 28, 2014

Jenny´s houseparty

Hey there,

originally I wanted to make a quick caption because of the comment Jenny Valentine left on my blog :3

"You could always come to my place! We can have sleep overs and umm umm have tea parties, and ummm ummm give each other make overs and ummm ummm doll each other in kinky tight latex and maybe even invite a few boys over later hehe ^.^"

Well turns out that this is one of my favourite caps I made so far! I hope you get how to read it: Start with the first section left, then go to the first section on the right and so on, I mean it should be clear that this is a conversation, right? ;)

I had to remove my rating-stars, probably I´ll set up another one in the near future but for now, give me feedback by leaving me a comment or contact me directly!

Love Kim 

May 27, 2014

Well, that escalated quickly!

Hey there,

what is worse than being forced to dress up? right! when your mistress isn´t really satisfied with the result :D so here is a caption what else can happen on top of the dress-up-game... ;) hope you like it. This is also one of my favourite hentai-image because I just looove the expression on her face, her pose, really everything! :3

Ohh and I don´t know why but the rating-stars are currently not availible for my posts... I don´t when or wether they will return, I hope they do so soon... ó.ò

for the time being, just comment or leave me a message as feedback, I appreciate every sign of life out there in the world ;)

Love, Kim

May 25, 2014

Request: Standby-Mode(l)

Hey there,

Kay used the contact-me-function on the right side of the blog to send me a message where he told me about his fantasies... and I simply couldn´t resist to make a caption out of it :3 so here you go, I hope you like the cap ;)

as always don´t forget to rate and comment and feel free to contact me like Kay did, I´m always happy when someone writes me (yay, I´m being noticed ^.^)!

Oh and by the way... I was shocked when I looked at my google+-page :o:o:o currently 1.890.886 people viewed my google+-site!!! In comparison to my blog which has currently 656201 clicks....ahhhhhhh o.o

 so...thank you sooooo much for every click ._. <3

Love, Kim