Jul 8, 2013

A difficult task with Jenny Valentine

Hey there,

Jenny Valentine made a little caption for me ( you can find it HERE)and here is the payback for that ;)

The caption is with a deeper storyline than usual. It was really hard to think of an agent-like story involving latex and forced feminization a.s.o. but in the end, I was pretty satisfied ^^

I hope you like it, too, especially Jenny ;)

Oh and another thing: I am also having a little caption-fight with Danielle Byron. She responded to my caption "Sound-Triggers" with her own caption "Backfire" and now I responded to her that I will fight :P Let´s see what she has for me, after her next caption it´s my turn again ;)

Love, Kim

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow, you're posting a lot of captions, Kim. Keep it up!