Jun 20, 2013


Hmmm what can I say to you after such a long time... errrrm yeah, a lot has happened... I´m back! ^^

First of all, sry that I didn´t leave a note or something but I wasn´t sure if I´d ever come back and create captions again - but here I am, posting a new caption and showing it to you ;) The reason is that I was silently following other blogs and the scene of tg-blogs and I was a bit disappointed that so less captioners use latex-based images like I do :-/

I am not sure if I will be able to post captions so often but I will try and do my best and YOU can help me with it:

Please use the "Contact me"-function on the right side of my blog and send ideas for captions or links to pictures I could use (please only send me high quality pics, I want to hold my standards here on my blog :P). 
I have a few hundred of pictures already but the more the better and I always enjoy to watch pictures from other people and hear their opinion :)

And the more feedback I get, the more motivated I get and the more motivated I get... you see now... I want to get your feedback to improve my work ;)

Ohh and don´t forget to rate the captions :)

Love, Kim


  1. Yay you're back! I started reading your blog after you stopped posting new captions which made me kind of sad because I really enjoy your work. Since I thought you were gone, I didn't really bother commenting, so now that you're here, here's a comment!

    I have made a folder filled with over 200 pictures of girls in latex which I can send over to you with some ideas for captions if you're interested.

    1. sure thing, i`d love to watch your images and hear your ideas!

      just contact me with the "Contact me"-function on the right and leave an email so that I can reply to you :)