Jun 28, 2013

"Hot" Outfit + A personal request

Hey there,

here is a new caption (yeah, they are coming one after another... :P)! Don´t forget to come to the ChatRoom, you can see the timer on the right side of the page :)

And one personal request from me... you all know very well that I love latex... that´s not really a secret ^^ And I am always searching for more pictures and files... and the images or files I want to find vary a bit from time to time.

This new caption up there is with a vacuumbed... and that´s one of the things I really love... but there aren´t soooo many pictures/ videos of vacuumbeds (or vacuumcubes) in high quality... it doesn´t matter if they are real pictues are drawings/ hentai... I love them all.

And on the other side there are Hentai Doujins (like managa comics dealing with sexual themes) ... I really really love them but I can only find so few of them dealing with latex *-* Or videos... oh my god, are there good hentai-videos dealing with latex? o.o

If anyone knows
1) photos/drawing/hentai/videos/files in a good quality dealing with vacuumbeds or vacuumcubes
2) Hentai Doujins / Videos in a good quality dealing with latex (and in english... :P)
3) or both of it together

pleaseplease send me a link in the comment or contact me on the right side of the page!

Love, Kim


  1. Try this:


    Should help :)

  2. I sent you an email a while back with some nice manga =P Hope you like it!