Oct 27, 2012

Emma Watson Replacement

Hey there,

I finally had the time to do a caption again :) I really love Emma Watson and it is really sad that there are so few fakes of her wearing latex (and the fact that she cut her hair but never mind... -.-)

I hope you enjoy this one, the phrase "emma watson latex" seemed to be quite popular so I made (perhaps) some dreams come true :P

Feel free to rate and comment this caption, I always appreciate feedback :)

Love, Kim

PS: I finally found my way to Rachel´s Haven, can you believe it? ^^ I am still waiting for the permission to access the gallery but if I get it, I will upload my caps there, too!


  1. Great work honey. i love Emma too and if you want some of her in latex pop over to my place.
    Thanks for your blog X

    1. Thanks :) I just watched it, I wonder why I havn´t seen it yet (I watch your blog o.o) but they are really awesome! It´s time for her to wear latex for real, don´t you think so, too? ;)

  2. Hi
    Oh i am so very sorry for not replying to your message sooner. I must have missed it. do please forgive me.
    Thank you for you kind words about my pics of Emma. I am a big fan of her as an actress and style icon and I very much agree it is time she slipped into something shiny.
    Time to really leave Hermione behind. Garmentia Latexium!!!

    Ps it is so nice to catch up with your superb blog