Aug 17, 2012

The Diary

Aaaand again a good old caption ;)

Oh and for the ones who have never slept a night fully encased in latex: believe me, you can´t really sleep like you normal do, you always have the latex around you and this drives you nuts... in some kind of positive way :D And the sweat is really some kind of problem, I stayed a night in latex without any opening except for the noseholes and my mouth and in the morning I felt like I was taking a bath :P

If you have some experience with such kind of situations, feel free to leave a comment :)

Love, Kim

1 comment:

  1. Mmmm I absolutely love this one!! I've never spent an entire night encased in latex yet, but the way you describe it makes me sound like something I'd absolutely love. I do enjoy dressing nearly head to toe in latex, but the longest I've stayed dressed is only an hour or so so far.