Aug 24, 2012

Game - Latex-Sissy

Hey there,

here is the little game I promised ;) Use a number generator like these here to create 4 random numbers from 1-9:

When you are done the fun begins, first read all the instructions ( = every picture) before you start and than begin your personal latex-sissy-game :) please leave comments how it was like and problems that accured so I can make the game better or just enjoy that I have good little latex-sissies here ;)

^ Step 1 ^

^ Step 2 ^

^ Step 3 ^
Note: When you roll a 7 for example, do the orders behind the numbers from 1-7, if have you no success with that, go one number down and do the orders behind the numbers from 1-6 :)

^ Step 4 ^

Important Note: please please don´t steal anything or do something illegally to fulfill your duties... that includes stealing! ò.ó I don´t want to read comments where you tell me that the police arrested you for this game, it´s a game only and it should make fun!

Love, Kim


  1. seems like an interesting game, but i own only a few things on any of the sheets, and i dont know anyone in real to do this with, hopefully one day i can play it ^^

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  3. Did you intend someone who rolls a 7 on step 3 to spend 86 days in latex? Because that's how the math works out.

    1. no my intention was that someone who rolls a 7 in step 3 has to do the things that are behind the numbers from 1-7, if you have no success with number 7 you have to try to fulfill the duties behind the numbers from 1-6.

      I will fix that later, for now I will make a note... thanks :)

  4. This sounds like so much fun. Great job Kim

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    1. I am glad you tried it out (sorry for answering so late, was too busy >.<)

  6. Didn't have any Latex, I'm a girl not a sissy, and didn't know were to find Latex. Fortunately It made me wet thinking about this.