Aug 3, 2012

Forced Imposter

Hey, another caption :) But this one is a little special... I used a drawing from thunderingpikachu from DeviantArt for it but before I added the text to it I kind of "redesigned" the drawing.

You can see the original on the left and what I made out of it on the right side!

You can find the original here on DeviantArt:

Please give a comment or fave it when you are a member on DeviantArt, he is really doing great stuff!

I got the permission from thunderingpikachu to use the drawing for my cap, don´t worry. But I wanted to try out some photoshop-techniques on the drawing and well... it turned out more shiny than ever :P But to be honest: my part of changing the drawing is no art, the art is to be able to draw such beautiful curves ;)

Oh and I don´t care if you like the cap or not, I think it´s hot, I always loved Sakura from Naruto and hell yeah, seeing her in a latex-catsuit gave me the rest :P

Love, Kim

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