Jul 13, 2012

Payment: Test-Slave for the iSuck

Innovative design, don´t you think... :)

If you don´t know who Julia is... look here (LINK) ;) Oh yes, it´s this shop again... boys really aren´t the same once they enter it... :D

This is also a request for 5555566677 (LINK), she wanted me to tie a boy to a chair and feminize him but...I thought a chair isn´t enough, so I invented this machine :D Hope you like it ;)

Oh and I used the name "Tom" because Sephiroph44 (LINK) asked me to do it, now you get what you deserve :P

Love, Kim


  1. Replies
    1. As soon as it´s on the market you will get one... but first it has to be tested for several days... :D