Jul 1, 2012

Mindless Slave

This beautiful drawing is the work of sergevirusx ( http://sergevirusx.deviantart.com/ ) from DeviantArt and you can find the original one here :) Thanks for giving me the permission to use it!

The caption is a request from Shiki-Scarlet ( http://shiki-scarlet.deviantart.com/ ), she wanted her character Shiki Scarlet to be brainwashed, objectified, depersonailized and turned into a complete airheaded bimbo slave of sorts, I hope I was able to express this kind of thoughts in the cap ;)

Oh and before I forget it: How do you like the background of the cap? I mean the right side where the text is, the left side had already this cool background thanks to sergevirusx ;)

Love, Kim


  1. Wow, what beautiful artwork and an fantastic caption to o along with it! I like the background effect you did. It ties in nicely with the arts background.

    1. Thanks, perhaps I will do more backgrounds like that in the future :)