May 2, 2012

Payment: Fetish-Model

First it was an accident that the colour in the background looked like that but than it reminded my on a jail and I left it this way, hope you don´t mind :P

And this will be my last cap for a while, I´m going to enjoy the sun and gather new ideas for caps, don´t forget me and my blog, I will stay tight and shiny *giggle*

Love, Kim


  1. I think I've found my favourite store from now on!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. Say, since he's done in a few weeks, would they be interested in hiring a replacement?

    Enjoy the sunshine!

  3. hmmmm, I don't know if i would ask for a job or steal again...

  4. Mmm fantastic, do they need any more staff?