Apr 3, 2012


nice outfit, 100% sex-appeal, 0% resistance...and I´m talking about both of them ;)

Thanks to aidenke ( http://aidenke.deviantart.com/ ) for allowing me to use this image for my cap! :)

Oh and for those who haven´t noticed it yet: YES, I have a new header on my blog...the old one was only for the beginning, I never imagined my blog-views would skyrock as they are o.o`
So here we are, hope you like it :)

In addition to that, I will use a little watermark-symbol for my caps in the future to prevent people from stealing my caps (I don´t mind if you post them, but if you do so, don´t forget to mention the one who actually made it...it´s just fair, don´t you think so, too?)

The next upcoming caps are already finished and yet without the watermark, so don´t waste your time with searching for it, there will be no prize in finding a watermark which isn´t there ;)

Ah and before I forget it: who played this joke on me and made over 2.000 clicks on my blog on the April the 1st? :D I was so happy when I saw the statistics and even on the second of April I made nearly 2.000 clicks...wow...I´m so happy *giggle* ^^

Love, Kim


  1. Love the story dear and congrats on that super new logo!. If you want I can work something for you in the future... something like mine, but it doesn't have to be the same! :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    1. Thanks Alectra, yes, if you want you can work something for me, I´m sure it will be awesome :)

      Love, Kim