Apr 23, 2012

Double-Request: Bad BF to BFF + Shiny Purple

As the title says, I combined two requests into one cap...and I´m not lazy, nooooo, your Kim is a genius...at least that´s what my other personalities in my brain keep on telling me ;P

So one request is from Lee:
"I do enjoy the hypnosis aspect of turning a bad BF into a BFF and toy. Do you have a collection of these outfits for yourself ?"

To answer your question:  Yes, I do have latex-outfits and I love them, as it happens I even have a purple catsuit similar to the one in this cap :P

And the other request is from Jamie:

"hi i was wondering if you could make a cap using my name (jamie). can you have the girl wearing shiny purple"
Doooooone ;)

Ahh and I wanted to explain myself a bit...I´m not much of a storyteller, if you seek deep and really impressive story-lines then I can recommend Alectra´s Playground, she can make story-lines in captions like no other...as for me, I´m a basic captioner, I´m writing down simple thoughts and storys so that everyone can imagine his own, very unique, details into the story. 
Some people like that style, others don´t, but I do what I do and I like it :) Before I made this blog, I was like most of you: someone who was simply searching for caps which I like...and I liked the short ones most :)

I´m just giving the caps my personal touch by showing you pics of girls in latex and describing what I think could have happened...most of the time they were boys of course, but how they ended up like is another story ;)

And in addition to that: my anglish is not good enough to write long caps with impressive story :P

So long for now :)

Love, Kim


  1. Awww, don't say such things, you'll make blush :)

    Well I'm too an utterly disaster when it comes to writing long stories, the only thing is that I keep them in a huge storyline which diverse in the direction the story choose... weird I know! :)

    And then again, I don't know how to write short captions, so we are even!

    Ouh and nice cap!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. I think both you and Alectra make wonderful captions and tell fantastic stories! I wouldn't mind being hypnotized into becoming a sexy latex girl myself ;)

  3. thank you now if i could just dress that way for real.