Apr 21, 2012

50.000 clicks

DO I have to say more? Ok, this time ^^ I know it´s a little late because the blog-clicks are rising and rising but I made this cap before my break and I want to show it to you :) I want to thank all of you for clicking through my blog and of course I want to thank all the bloggers who joined my blog and the blogger who made links to my page from their blogs, thank you!

It is like a reward for me to get about 50.000 hits so quickly, I thought I would make such a high number of hits in...a year?!? But you showed me that you are interested in what I do and especially recently I got over 2.000 and more clicks in a day! Wow...I´m still a little bit shocked (never thought that my own thoughts would get so popular amongst you people ^^)

Uhm...for the future I will try my best (I hope that´ll be enough to satisfy you :P) and I want to encourage you to let me know what you want to see :) You can post comments, rate my caps, sent me messages, you can do whatever you like to let me know! 

And I have another announcement : From now on I will only do captions with drawings when I have the permission of the artist or when I know that the artist is absolutly untraceable. The reason is because I joined deviantART recently and I had a little conversation with one of the artists. I used drawings from artists who are registred on dA and...let´s just say he changed my mind completly. Creating caps is hard work but drawings pics is even harder. And so I want to credit the artists for what they do and get their permission to use one of their drawings before I caption them.

So if you have a cap-wish with hentai, art, whatever: Just show me the pic AND the artist and I´ll do what I can, but without the artist I won´t do it anymore.

I think that´s all for the moment, thank you :)

Love, Kim

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