Mar 1, 2012

Send me your pics and ideas ;)

I'm currently not at my PC, I'm writing this on my mobile phone ;) Thanks to Alectra's little add for my site (thank you so much, I could kiss you for that :-*), the clicks keep incoming, but I also have some new followers now (thanks for the trust in me, I'll try to keep my site updated for you :) If there are people reading this text who always wanted a latex-based pic to be captioned, just send me a mail (use the mail-adress at the right top of the page) and I'll do what I can ;) You can tell me what you like and if something is coming up my sleeve I will caption it for you and post it here (if you don't tell me anything I will express my own thoughts) So long, your TiShy :) PS: sorry for no pic in this post, but it's only my cell-phone :-/

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