Feb 26, 2012

Emma Watson-caption-ideas

This nice looking girl could be included in a caption next week...yes, it´s Emma Watson, the actress of Hermine Granger in Harry Potter and, as you can imagine, it´s a fake-pic which was posted on LatexFetishFakes (Blog-Link, I´m sad that the blog is not updated anymore... -.-`).

But that doesn´t change the fact that she looks brilliant in this hot and shiny red catsuit! And so I will make a caption with her (don´t know the setting yet, wondering if I should use her character Hermine or just Emma herself...)

So if you have any ideas how she gets into this outfit and what will happen to her, leave a comment or write me a mail, I will choose one (or several, perhaps I will make more than one cap) and post it (/them) next week!

I´m away the whole next week until the weekend BUT the next caps will be automatically  posted here on tuesday and thursday, so you won´t have to wait for too long ;)

So long, your TiShi :)


  1. now that's a perfect fantasy! such fun to be had!

    1. I already finished a cap for this pic but if you have an idea just use the contact-formula on the right, I´ll try my best ;)